Heroes of the Storm: Players who refuse to play and spoil the fun get suspended

A MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) moves quite quickly and in the parties each player should give their best, but there are people in ‘Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm’ would ruin the fun for everyone else by simply refusing to keep playing. As this is clearly unfair, a new ban has come into play.

Fairness, at least in theory, is a part of every online game. In practise, however, its usually a different story: there are always people who want to spoil the fun for other players and it’s no different in Blizzards MOBA Heroes of the Storm.


The community manager Spyrian announced on the game’s official forum, that several accounts needed to be suspended as they were not competing fairly. This includes players who are always AFK (absent), players who refuse to play along and generally players who ruin the fun. On the basis of evaluated data, it looks like accounts were blocked who repeatedly refused to participate during games or were absent during games for prolonged periods of time. The team also considered other data when deciding who to suspend, for example, they look at complaints made about specific players. Deciding who to ban is a three-step process to ensure the decision made is a right one.

Blizzard is continuing to ban players from ‘Heroes of the Storm’ who draw attention to themselves through negative behaviour which spoils the fun for others participating in the MOBA. After all, fairness is very important.