‘Battlefield’: The Future of the Brand Lies in the Competitive Multiplayer Field with Micro Transactions

Electronic Arts has very specific plans regarding its ‘Battlefield’ series. The company wants to compete directly with Counter-Strike by making Battlefield into a game which focuses on competitive multiplayer matches. Here micro transactions also play a role.

Electronic Arts’ Chief Competition Office Peter Moore explained during the Credit Suisse 2016 Annual Technology Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, that in the last 6 months the company has decided to take the ‘Battlefield’ brand in a very specific direction.

Source: EA/DICE
Source: EA/DICE

For years the company has observed the field of competitive multiplayer games and would like to join it in a big way with its ‘Battlefield’ series. From the next year onwards players will experience this as the brand starts to go in that direction. According to Peter Moore, there are fantastic opportunities in this competitive market for micro transactions.

The main focus here is what Counter Strike: Global Offensive can achieve, even the battle packs will play a big role and Peter Moore firmly believes that the battlefield games will sell even better when the developers offer more competitive modes and players can compete with one another more.

In the future Battlefield could become an important game in the ESport area. Meanwhile ‘Battlefield 1’ seems to fulfil the expectations of Electronic Arts in terms of sales.

Source: DualShockers