The Dwarves: The Tactical Fantasy Game Tested

Watch bars, beer and books: The game is based on the book series ‘The Dwarves’ and just like its inspiration it has only a few role-play elements but makes up for it with its charming characters.

‘The Dwarves’ started in January 2015 as a Kickstarter project, which collected more than 300,000 dollars within a short amount of time- enough to implement the ambitious goal of the KING Art developers based in Bremen and so the team, which has previously impressed with its adventure game ‘The Book of Unwritten Tales’, started to develop a game based on the novels of the author Markus Heitz. A game was created which won over its fans with its storyline and striking characters:

You can pause the battle at any time to plan the character's special attacks and get an overview.
You can pause the battle at any time to plan the character’s special attacks and get an overview.

Tungdil Bolofar has had to endure quite a bit in his life so far: As a foundling child, he grew up amongst humans- the majority of which spent their life making fun of the dwarf with the massive beard. Now he finally has the chance to prove himself: his adoptive father, Magus Lot-lonan calls him and gives him an important task: he is asked to bring important items into the mountains. It’s a dangerous journey for the inexperienced dwarf who leaves full of hope as the thinks he may run into other dwarfs on the way and finally learn about his heritage.

Shortly after his departure, Tungdil’s journey takes a dangerous turn: Orcs are moving through the land and leaving a trail of devastation behind. When he has a run in with one of the orcs (one that he would never have survived) the two dwarf brothers Boïndil and Boёndal come to his rescue. The two brothers don’t just easily take on the two orcs, but do it with a lot of humour and they decide shortly after defeating the orcs that they will accompany Tungdil on his mission-so as of now you will control all three dwarves as they explore the map.

If you like to do a lot of tweaking and sorting you may find it difficult to progress.
If you like to do a lot of tweaking and sorting you may find it difficult to progress.

A fourth character is added later- in the character menu, you can organise your group’s inventory and give your dwarves healing potions or items to strengthen their abilities. However, this all feels a little rudimentary. Real tactical fantasy game nerds who have a tendency to spend hours in character menus, distributing talent points or sorting armour will find it difficult to make progress. This is because after successful battles you will not find any new weapons or strong armour, at most, you will find a few healing potions, some food supplies and a talisman or a pearl.