Battlefield 1: First pictures from the DLC ‘They Shall Not Pass’

Fans have been waiting eagerly for this coming March as the developers are releasing their first DLC for ‘Battlefield 1’. It’s called ‘They Shall Not Pass’ and will bring new cards and weapons, as well as

The DLC “They Shall Not Pass” will send you into underground fortresses.

introducing the French army as a playable group onto the battlefield. The expansion will send players into the battle of Verdun, which is characterised by massive attacks using artillery grenades.

Bombed Battlefields

According to the developers, 40 million pieces are fired over the course of the battle, leaving the landscape with giant craters. In addition to this, the grenades set all the forests surrounding the city on fire; the resulting forest fires should

The fires are still visible from afar

be visible even from a great distance away. According to Dice and EA players will be able to relive the opening fights to the historical battle during which you will fight through ditches, tunnels and underground fortresses.

New Maps with Tanks and Bridges

The manufacturers have promised that this expansion will bring entirely new game experiences. According to the developers, the new multiplayer maps are based on the battle of Soissons and are characterised by their many tank attacks. Players will fight over the important bridge over the Aisne.