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How do you like your coffee? If Intel have anything to do with it it’s going to be hot and ohhhh so sweeeeeet!

Intel’s latest offering in the CPU market is a seriously strong shot of performance and some sweet core upgrades.

Intel certainly haven’t watered down this latest offering. With both barrels aimed at AMD who shook the market up with their recent Ryzen 3,5 and 7 launches it would seem that Intel are looking to take the limelight and place it firmly on themselves.

Coffee Lake has brought some big changes to Intel’s lineup including a new chipset. Yep, you read that right you’re going to need a new motherboard if you’re wanting to get your Coffee Lake fix with the new chips needing the Z370 chipset. The socket remains the same at 1151 but the pin layout has been changed so you won’t be able to fit your existing chip into a shiny new Z370 board either. However, that’s just a small price to pay when considering the performance.

Back in September Intel made their official announcement for Coffee Lake. Their claim is that the new chips are the best chips ever produced by Intel for gaming. Performance is up, cores are up and power usage is down thanks to the new 14nm manufacturing process.

Coming in at the top of the pile is the new i7 8700K and claimed by Intel to be 40% faster than the Kaby Lake i7 7700k. Core count is up, from 4 to 6 along with threads making the i7 8700k a 6 core 12 thread CPU…how do you like them apples AMD?!

The i5 range has also seen a performance increase, with all i5 chips coming with 6 cores now. A direct challenge to AMD and their fantastic Ryzen 5 range of chips. There are two chips in the range, the 8400 and 8600K. The 8600K has an unlocked multiplier to allow for overclocking while the 8400 is aimed at gamers who want a good “bang for buck” gaming CPU. Content creators will see moderate performance here but it’s the gamers who will want to take a look at the i5 8400.

Finally i3 has been given a core boost with the standard being 4 cores across the range. The entry level i3 8100 sports 4 cores and 4 threads while the overclockable i3 8350k brings a 4ghz base clock but no boost. Early benchmarks for this chip show in some cases performance to be close to the Kaby Lake i5’s especially when overclocked. Looks like Intel are wanting a piece of the budget gaming market back off AMD with this chip.

Initial benchmarks show a decent performance boost over the previous Kaby Lake architecture in both gaming and content creation although AMD are still challenging with their Ryzen chips when it comes to multi-thread performance. Content creators who are wanting a cheap upgrade from an older system should take a look at the new 8700K if they don’t want to head into “X” series or Threadripper territory as the 8700K works well here while at the same time coming in cheaper and using less power.

It’s been an interesting year for CPU releases and development. Some could argue that the launch of Kaby Lake at the start of the year was a let down with only marginal gains over the previous generation of chips. Then AMD came along with their Ryzen architecture and suddenly things became interesting again. AMD then hit us with Threadripper, a monster of a CPU aimed at content creators and renderers. Coffee Lake is an interesting response to the Ryzen chips with a decent performance boost but with rumours of AMD dropping their Pinnacle Ridge chips in Q1 of 2018 it will be interesting to see where things go from here. One thing for sure, the CPU battle is well and truly on again and whether you like it or not, we have AMD to thank for it. Without their challenge there is a concern that Intel could have become complacent with their chips but now they’re having to sit up and pay attention and it’s definitely game on in the CPU market right now!

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