$800,000 Richer! The New Call of Duty Champions

$800,000 Richer! The New “Call of Duty” Champions.

The US Team Envyus is the new Call of Duty World Champions and also $800,000 richer

2 Vicky reporting for Gladiator PC in LA – 6th September 2016

The best “Call of Duty” gamers in the world have battled for four long days over two million dollars’ worth of prize money at the game’s 2016 world championship in Los Angeles. The newly crowned world champions from the US team, “Envyus”, went home with an impressive $800,000.

Towards the end of the final, the outcome became obvious. The American team won against the British “Splyce” 3 to 1. Still, this pairing was a small sensation given that the British are the first European team to ever reach the final of a “Call of Duty” world championship. The finale became a duel between the USA and Europe, something the American fans welcomed, loudly chanting “USA-USA”.

The Europeans can keep up

The Europeans finally keeping up with the American team clearly benefits the competition as a whole as fans from other countries seemed to find the constant dominance of the US teams disheartening. Now “Call of Duty” as an e-sport has more potential to generate interest internationally.


In the final the best 5 teams battle each other

That, along with “Splyce” other European teams could play at the forefront of the competition can be attributed to the new layout of the “Call of Duty: World League”. A world league with a solid season until the final was introduced for the first time in January 2016 allowing all teams from around the world to get competitive practice and regularly compete against each other at a high level. Both finalists see this as a positive development for their e-sport. The public response at the finale was remarkable with several thousand spectators arriving, although not all seats were occupied.

Pure Chaos- or is it? For spectators, “Call of Duty” parties are not as easy to understand as, for example, a “FIFA” match. This is because of the high tempo and playful complexity of the game. At first the action seems chaotic: There’s a lot of virtual dying, shooting and at the end, one of the two groups of four win the round.


The Battle zones from each skirmish are analysed by experts

Yet, 32 teams around the world did not reach the final at the world championship if they would shoot aimlessly and without a plan.

On the contrary: Just like in modern football, the most professional and successful gamers follow a cleverly devised match plan and train several hours a day. Without sophisticated tactics and game plan you have no chance at winning at this level.

Luckily, as a spectator you do not need to work out all the subtleties of the game for yourself. You get all the details explained to you by a so-called caster. These are experts, that comment on players’ turns live and explain why certain equipment or weapons were used.

Once you understand it, it’s fun

When you grasp the basics of the game, what initially seemed chaotic suddenly makes sense. It is a bit like finally understanding how American Football works. I have a much better understanding about why some teams tend to act more defensively in certain situations and why others tend to play more aggressively in order to win. Everything suddenly makes sense, and in turn watching becomes fun.


The Call of Duty World Championships is now very professionally organised

In spite of the millions worth of prize money it is evident that there is still a lot of work to be done. For example, the league has no doping controls. According to Jay Puryear, the director of brand development at Treyarch (one of the three studios that helps develop Call of Duty), Activision is working on a code of conduct but no doping checks have been scheduled yet.


Just like sport reporting Expert pundits comment on the live action

Also, compared to other e-sport competitions, the tournament is still lacking in terms of prize money and attendance. Nevertheless, the “Call of Duty” world championship has taken a step in the right direction this year and is better organised and gives an overall more professional impression. This way, “Call of Duty” can hopefully become an even bigger e-sport in the future.


World Cup MVP – Jonathan “John” Perez

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