‘Watch Dogs 2’: Update 1.04 is available to download- smaller bugs have been fixed, but the multiplayer mode is still missing

A new update for Ubisofts Open-World Action-Adventure ‘Watch Dogs 2’ is available. A few small problems will be fixed, however, the deactivated ‘Seamless-Multiplayer mode’ is still unavailable.

‘Watch Dogs 2’ has been available for Xbox and PS4 players for a few days, PC gamers, however, need to wait till the 29th of October before the game is made available to them. Sadly, Ubisoft’s newest hacker-action adventure is battling some major technical difficulties since its launch after which the promised “seamless multiplayer mode” had to be deactivated. The publishers have since promised to improve the game as soon as possible and seem to have kept their word as the new ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Update 1.04 is available for download.

Souce: Ubisoft
Souce: Ubisoft

The data package will take care of a lot of the smaller problems which have been discovered since the release, for example a bug has been fixed which lead to the game’s phone apps disappearing. According to an official statement, the PS4’s performance should also improve. The too graphic depictions of female genitalia (which even led to Sony banning some PSN accounts) will also be a thing of the past with the new update.

The promised ‘Seamless-Multiplayer mode’, which was deactivated due to technical problems, will, however, not be returning with ‘Patch 1.04’. In the best case scenario, it would have been activated this weekend- but this has obviously not happened.  However, Ubisoft has said that they are currently focusing on fixing the issues and although there is not a set date for the re-release, the official Patch notes suggest gamers shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.